We can follow a clearly set pattern throughout Sparre’s art practice, for whom the body is always the focal point and the sole prerequisite for sensation and thinking. Bodies – and not just the human ones – are a pretty strange thing, functioning in their own inner ways, their cores mysterious for most of us. Every one of them has a function to fulfill, a reason to be here and in this shape. The sole scale of different surfaces, textures and forms that can be found on a body is fascinating. Sparre’s objects mimic this variety of form and purpose. Smooth, membranous or hairy, shedding skin cells and regrowing, all of the art pieces communicate their belonging to a strange breathing organism. The choice of the materials reflects the shifting nature of the objects, equally fragile and violent, delicate and crude, wanting to be seen and wanting to be left alone.

texst by Alice Máselníková 


Curriculum Vitae

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